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Cooking With Cream Cans

You’ll get a basic recipe with your cream can of course, but part of the fun of a cream can supper is in the experimenting! Here’s a sample of what’s in the suppers that we make starting from the bottom up.

Something to keep the food off the bottom. Originally rocks were often used. A great alternative is the rings off canning jars or stainless steel cookie cutters…. just something to keep food off the very bottom of the can. Then a layer of sliced cabbage on top of the rings or cookie cutters followed by:

Corn on the cob
Sweet Potatoes
Bell peppers (green, red and yellow)
Summer Squash
Zucchini Squash
Brats of all sorts…beef brats, Italian sausage, polish sausage, German sausage, etc. Mix it up! Use several kinds.

For liquid for steaming – Beer is traditionally used, but water is certainly fine as well.

Now you might want to add some asparagus, mushrooms, green beans, snow peas, cabbage, whatever trips your trigger. In fact, a seafood version of this may be in your plans. Our motto is “You can’t screw this up!”, like we said, half of the fun is experimenting!

For your heat source, we recommend a propane burner (not included) like what you would use with a turkey fryer. Our smaller cans can use a stove top.

For serving, use a large shallow container of some sort, perhaps a big clean plastic tote lined with foil. A clean wheelbarrow lined with foil makes a great serving option that will make a memorable experience for your guests! You’ll come up with something. Then folks will fill their plates and watch them come back for more! The flavors of this concoction are so good you won’t even need butter on your corn. Hard to believe, but you just wait and see!

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